• Custom stuffed replica of your pets
    KidsCreationToLife team works to bring children�s artwork alive by leveraging cutting-edge 3D printing technology and custom handmade plush toys with the aim of inspiring innovation in young kids.

    custom artwork to 3D color print
    KidsCreationToLife offers two choices for parents and educators who would like to transform kids� and students� original artwork into tangible art. The 1st option offers custom-made 3D color prints, as well as the second item offers custom handmade plush toys. Both services will set you back $69. A recently published video explains much more about KidsCreationToLife and also the creative process.

    The initial step for parents or educators would be to capture a picture of your child�s artwork or drawing and upload it to KidsCreationToLife. Then, the company�s team designs and helps to create life-like creations.

    KidsCreationToLife aims to inspire ingenuity and innovation in young kids, definitely the inspiration to envision a new challenge that may then be turned into the 3D, physical world.

    With the KidsCreationToLife website, parents and educators can find out about the company�s mission. Moreover, they can experience a gallery of recent creations, peruse a FAQ section, and learn more about the way the ordering process works. Ordering may also be seamlessly conducted online.

    The new service provides a platform for children who would like to flex their creative muscles to see their creations become more active. Whether like a school art project or perhaps an at-home after school fun activity, KidsCreationToLife has got positive feedback from parents, educators, and kids who�ve used their services.

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